i have a friend!

Mummy and Daddy took me on a trip to some place called “Truro”. I’ve never heard of it before.

On the way, we stopped to see this big funny looking kitty on the side of the road. Mummy says it’s called a “mastodon”. I don’t know what that is. But we couldn’t get up close to see it! But guess what? It was a cool place anyway! Look at this sign!

This is my new friend, Darius. He’s very cute, too. We shared toys!

I wasn’t using my exersaucer, so Mummy and Daddy said I should give it to Darius. He really liked it! He let me try out his walker. It was fun!

Darius has a funny looking kitty that kept sniffing me:

We pretended to ignore each other, but Darius and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other:

After we visited Darius and his Mum and Dad and his big sister who kissed me a lot, we went to visit my godparents, Ann and Tim, and their little girl, Gracie. She’s my cousin! Ann and Gracie weren’t home, though. But my “uncle” Tim was! He really likes me!

Then we went to visit Daddy’s friend, Dale, and her kids. They were pretty funny to watch. Dale was the funniest, she made me laugh a lot:

I really like her, I tried to make her kiss me!

What an exciting trip! At the end Mummy and Daddy bought me another toy. I like toys! Then I was tired, so I went to sleep in the car. Mummy went to sleep, too. Daddy didn’t, though. I don’t know why!

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