caption contest, part 2

A new rule (by Mummy and Daddy):

  • anyone who wins two caption contests will win an additional, extra-special prize! depending on what you prefer:
    • an 8×10 autographed print of Clarke
    • a photo montage with music, created by Daddy
    • a web page graphic, created by Mummy
    • a basic web site design, created by Mummy
    • request a photo or video of Clarke, where you set the scene and decide what will happen

The photo:

Submit your captions in the comments.

13 comments to “caption contest, part 2”

  1. pointyjess says:

    Clarke Adams: Gellin’ Like Magellan

  2. Gigi says:

    1. “It’s all good, Dude … it’s alllll good!”

    2. “I screamed through those moguls and then I just cruised to that bottom of the hill, mommy cheering and the ski bunnies jumpin’ up and down.”

    3. “Just chill, dawg, chill!”

  3. Becky J says:

    “Just chill everyone…I got it under control!!”

  4. Pat says:

    “Umm… Yeaahhh…”

  5. chell says:

    “What’s up G?”

  6. Frank says:

    “Oh yeah baby….raising the roof off this mutha!!”

  7. Chrysten says:

    “Bring it down a notch, just relax.”

  8. Becky P says:

    “Hold on, it’s gonna be a wild ride.”

  9. Heather J says:

    “Rolling with the homies!”

  10. Tara says:

    Simmer down now.
    (it is only funny when I say it in my head)

  11. Kriss says:

    You wish you looked as good as i do with these shades on!

  12. Gigi says:

    “Now, listen up, folks! This is gonna be good.”

  13. Becky J says:

    “This is how I roll”

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